How Do I?

1) How do I View My Account & Renew Materials?
You may view your account by logging into the SHARE catalog and using your library card and PIN number:
a) Visit the Share Catalog
b) Then click on My Account and login.
c) Within My Account you can review your personal information. Also within this tab, you can change your PIN and update your personal preferences (pick-up location, saved list and an option to keep your checkout history). You can also view your current checkouts, current holds and pay fines online.
You may renew East Troy Lions Public Library materials up to 3 times. Materials from other libraries may have a different renewal policy:
a) Visit the Share Catalog
b) Then click on My Account and login.
c) Under the Checkouts tab, select the materials you would like to renew and then click the Renew button.
d) When prompted with a yes or no to renew selected items, click yes.
e) Make sure that you have received a green Checkout(s) successfully renewed notice.
f) If you receive a red Renewal limit reached: this item cannot be renewed, you have already reached your limit on renewals. Your materials cannot be renewed.
g) If you receive a red Item has holds, this means another patron is waiting for this item and your materials cannot be renewed.

2) How do I use a Computer and access the Internet?
Patrons who have a valid Library Card within the Lakeshores Library System may use one of the library’s 5 public access computers. To log-in, patrons will need to use their library card and PIN number (note: when entering numbers, no spaces or dashes should be used). Patrons will be granted 30 minutes of computer time and these may be extended to a maximum of 2 hours. Patrons who do not have their library cards will be granted a maximum of 30 minutes. 
All public access computers have high-speed internet and Microsoft Office Files that are saved on the public access computers will be deleted upon logging off. 
If you choose to print from the public access computers, the charge is .25 per side black & white; and $1.00 per side for color. We strongly suggest that you use print preview before printing to make sure you know how many pages will be printed. You may print a maximum amount of 30 pages.

3) How do I make Copies, email a document or Fax at the Library?
The Library has a Multiuse Copier located to the left of the Staff Desk.
You may make up to a maximum of 30 copies and the charge for this service is .50 per side black & white or $2.00 per side color.
We can assist you with scanning documents and sending them via email. The charge for this service is $1.00. Please request our assistance at the front circulation desk.
We can also assist you in scanning and faxing outgoing documents. The charge for this service is $3.00. Please bring your documents and the outgoing fax number to the front circulation desk. Note that we are unable to receive faxes nor do we provide a confirmation for faxes sent.

4) How do I print a document from my own device at the Library?

The Library uses an application called Mobility Print to allow patrons to print from their own device.  Some devices will require the download of an app, while others will not.  See this link to find out more information.

 5) How do I pay my Library Fines?
You can pay your fines at the Library using cash, check or debit/credit card. You can also pay your fines online by visiting the online catalog. Please note that if you are blocked, you will be unable to pay your fines online.
To pay online:
a) Visit the SHARE catalog
b) Click on My Account and login using your library card and PIN number.
c) From My Account, click on the “Fines” tab.
d) Click on the “pay fines” button and you will then be redirected to a secure connection where you can enter your debit/credit card information.
Fines will be paid to the Library that owns the materials. If you prefer, you may come to the East Troy Lions Public Library and pay your fines in person.

6) How do I apply for a Library card?
Please go here
7) How do I reserve a Meeting Room?

(Please note that because of the Covid-19 Pandemic Meeting Rooms are not available at this time).
The East Troy Lions Public Library has one small and one larger meeting room available in our basement. (Note the neither of these rooms is handicapped accessible). Please call the library at 262-642-6262 to check space availability.
Upon using either of our meeting rooms for the first time, our meeting room policy must be read and an Application for Use of the Meeting Room must be signed. For a full copy of the Meeting Room Policy, as well as an application form for reserving it, click here
Please stop by the circulation desk prior to the start of your meeting to turn in your signed application.

8) How do I get assistance with Proctoring my College Exam?
The East Troy Lions Public Library provides this service free of charge and it is not necessary for the student to obtain a library card.
Jeff Gartman, Library Director is in charge of exam proctoring. Please contact him at 262-642-6262 to discuss your proctored exam and any necessary paperwork or protocols that your School requires. Once initial arrangements have been made with Jeff, the exam may be proctored by him or another member of our Staff.
Each school has their own set of requirements for exam proctoring. It is the student’s responsibility to check with their school, be aware of the requirements and submit any necessary paperwork needed to authorize the library as a testing location. Once all of your school’s requirements have been met and your exam has arrived at the library, the student should contact the library to schedule a time to take the exam.
All exams must be scheduled with the Proctor in advance and must be scheduled during the Library’s hours of operation Students must arrive promptly at the agreed-upon time, and have the items required/permitted for taking the exam. In addition, the student will be required to present a valid photo ID at the time of the exam. Cell phones or Smartphones are prohibited during the exam.
Depending on the exam format and availability of library facilities, The Proctor may or may not monitor the student continuously during the exam. If you are not continuously monitored, the Proctor will check on the student periodically. Time limits and any other rules set forth in the examination materials will be enforced.
All tests will be returned to the school by the library per instructions. The East Troy Lions Public Library will not be responsible for any completed exams once they leave the library’s possession and have been mailed (or emailed) back to the school.

9) How do I get a document notarized at the Library?

The Library's Notary Public is available on Mondays from 10:00 am - 4:30 pm, on Wednesdays from 10:00 am - 6:30 pm, and on Fridays from 10:00 am - 4:30 pm.  (Please call ahead to ensure that the Notary is available before coming in).  There is no fee for this service, but donations are accepted.

Please make note of the following:

1.  Patron must bring a minimum of one form of official picture and signature identification showing their name and current address (state ID or driver's license).
2. This service is only available to Library patrons.
3. The Notary cannot help the patron prepare the documents to be notarized (Notary is neither an attorney nor an accountant.)
4.  The Notary will not notarize documents written in a foreign langauge.
5.  The Notary is prohibitied from making copies, certified or uncertified, of "Vital records", which include certificates of birth, death, divorce, annulment, marriage, etc. (or pre-made copies of them).
6.  All actions taken by the Notary will be logged in the official Notary's Logbook (no exceptions).

Patron must be able to answer the following questions:

1.  Does patron understand the type of document they are signing?
2.  Is patron signing of their own free will?
3.  If patron is signing as a representative for another person or entity, will patron confirm that they are "duly authorized" to sign on behalf of the person or entity being represented.