It's Your Library; Check it Out!

His eyes glazed over and he looked at me as if I had grown horns! A moment before, this patron had walked into the Library and handed me two books and two DVDs that had been checked out at the Public Library in Mukwonago. “They are due tomorrow,” he said, “and I wanted you to return them for me.”
I then told him that I could return the items for him, but could not check them in because Mukwonago is in a different library system. I also told him that it would probably take a week to 10 days for the materials to make it back and that there would probably be a bit of a fine. He could not believe this and said “they’re just up the road a few miles” He then angrily grabbed the items, stalked outside, jumped into his car and drove off. I assume he went to Mukwonago.
All Libraries in the state of Wisconsin belong to a library system. These systems were formed by the state legislature in 1971 to “improve and extend public library services, promote resource sharing among libraries and increase access to library materials and services to all state residents.” Almost all of the systems are set up on a County basis. So here is the problem for you East Troy Mukwonago Library users…this is a geography question: What County is Mukwonago in? Answer: Waukesha. What County is East Troy in? Answer: Walworth. So despite the fact that Mukwonago is only a few miles away, it is in another county library system (called Bridges). And therefore is not a cooperating library with us.
The East Troy Lions Public Library is part of the Lakeshores Library System. This system was established in Racine County in the 1970’s, and then in 1982, the Walworth County Board of Supervisors voted to have all Walworth county libraries join this system. Since that time our Library SHARE consortium has added Kenosha County and Rock County creating a multi-county network of 29 public libraries that share materials and services. So in other words, though the Mukwonago Public Library is only about 6 miles up the pike, it might as well be on the moon! It is in a different system and that as they say is that. Confused yet? Stop by and ask me…I’ll work at helping you understand the whole issue.
Changing gears a bit, there are some dates I’d like to let you know about: 1) Wed Sep 26th Aurora Healthcare will be here to do a presentation on Hospice, 4:00pm – 5:00pm; and 2) Fri Sep 28th, the Library will be closed for a Staff In-Service and Clean-up Day.
One final set of dates to be aware of and these have to do with the Friends of the Library Annual Play. The comedy “Fox on the Fairway” will be performed by the On the Square Players, at Ivan’s Backstage (2093 Division Street). The dates are Fri Oct 5th & Sat Oct 6th at 7:30pm; then again on Fri Oct 12th & Sat Oct 13th at 7:30pm and a final Sun matinee on Oct 14th at 2:00pm. Come join the fun and support the Friends of the Library, who regularly assist me with sponsoring programs, providing funds and who advocate for our library on many levels. I hope to see you laughing at Ivan’s!